Women Hunters

Women Hunters
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A woman hunter sprints through a hilly desert valley.. while tightly holding a sharp spear in her right hand. On her wrist are three white bracelets which represents the tribe she belongs to. She is skillfully hunting 'game' and is running after her prey ready to make a kill. She is courageous, fierce, & brave (a strong independent woman). Another woman hunter appears to be in her womb. This smaller hunter symbolizes her apprentice. She is nurturing her inexperienced apprentice to replicate her qualities (to be a strong woman as she). This smaller hunter follows her footsteps trying to replicate every move she makes... developing her talents to grow into an expert hunter like her mentor.

About Women Hunters

Hunters have been seen as a dominant male role in many societies.To contrary belief, there were many women hunters in prehistoric times in southern Africa. In western cultures, people know these women as ĎAmazonsí. These independent women were both warriors and hunters. This painting illuminates women's roles in what is stereotypically thought of as a male domain.