Himbas of Namibia

Himbas of Namibia
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This artwork illustrates a Himba mother gently holding her young child as they watch the sunset. The child caresses his mother right arm... in an affectionate gentle mannerism. This artwork represents love, unity, and that special bond between mother & child.


Himbas are an ethic group living in the region of northwestern Namibia, Africa. They have managed to maintain their traditional culture and lifestyle. The unmerciful desert climate they live in has secluded them from outside influences; because of this isolation they have maintained their original culture and traditions for centuries. The Himbas are nomadic people following their herd of cattle and goat to new grazing areas and waterholes. The Himbas women are known to cover their bodies with a special mixture made up of butter fat, red ocher, and local herbs. This formula not only shields their bodies from the harshness of the sun but it also gives their skin a beautiful reddish appearance.